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McDannald Pump Systems Inc., is a family-owned and -operated pump system design, installation and maintenance business. We have been in business since 1958 and served southern California since 1981. We offer sales, installation and service of water and sewage equipment including: well, booster, sewage and ground water pump systems in the San Diego area. Our unique domestic and commercial pump applications are designed using innovative products, of the highest quality materials and unequaled customer service.

We design any type of pump system you need, tailoring it to specific project needs and utilizing the most up-to-date technology for best efficiency. We have designed pump systems for:
  • Residential and agricultural well and booster systems
  • Sewage and effluent lift systems
  • Ground water control systems
  • Frame mounted systems
  • Variable frequency drive controlled systems
  • Fire system boosters and storage

Mission Statement

McDannald Systems, Inc. is a professional pump system business involved in water and sewage equipment installations and offer sales and service within the San Diego County and the surrounding areas. We design unique systems, using the highest quality material for domestic and commercial pump applications. We will provide customer service equal to or better than our competition. We will use the best quality and innovative products available to build our systems.


  • Lic # 767862 C57, C61/D21, C10
  • National Ground Water Association


Brands — Escondido, CA — McDannald Pump Systems Inc.

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