Discounted Villa Enclaves Offer Smart Property Investment in Dubai !!

Affluent buyers will find it easiest to cut a deal for a slice of suburban life in one Dubai’s exclusive villa enclaves—where homes are trading for a fraction of what they were five years ago. Frenzied development in Dubai over the past decade has spoiled house hunters in the city with choices—from post-modern glass apartment towers to man-made islands lined with beachfront villas—while also keeping prices low. In fact, home values in the city have been in decline since their peak in 2014, as sellers compete with a deluge of shiny new construction.

The average sales price across the city has fallen by roughly 15% over the last year alone, dragging villa prices down to their lowest point in over a decade, according to second quarter data from Cavendish Maxwell. Within the city’s affluent areas, prices have waned the most in a few planned villa communities, built like suburbs within the city, many anchored by a golf course and country-club like amenities.

There’s little expectation home values in Dubai will return to growth in the immediate future, but these deeply discounted areas offer value in the long run. At the top of that list is Arabian Ranches, one of the biggest and oldest villa communities in Dubai, having been launched in 2004.

Its location by golf and polo clubs, as well as a few top international schools, makes Arabian Ranches popular among established expatriate families. Nevertheless, the neighborhood has experienced one of the most dramatic falls in its average home price over the past five years, according to data provided by Cavendish Maxwell, a property consulting firm.

The average villa—typically a two-story, painted-stucco mansion—now trades for around AED980 (US$265) per square foot, down nearly 32% compared to five years ago.
It’s likely house hunters will find the owners of an older villa in Arabian Ranches open to negotiating price, as they find themselves competing with newly completed houses elsewhere in the city.

“Supply remains the primary driver for price declines,” said Aditi Hariharan, a senior consultant at property consultant Cavendish Maxwell. “Developers also continue to offer attractive payment options and promotions,” Ms. Hariharan added, which turns up the pressure on private sellers.

US agency commits $688 million to 4 projects in Argentina !!

The board of the U.S. Government's development finance institution has approved four projects worth $688 million in Argentina. The Overseas Private Investment Corporation voted Wednesday to provide $300 million to a natural gas project in the Vaca Muerta field in Neuquén province in western Argentina. The board also approved $150 million to develop independent oil and gas transportation and processing infrastructure.

The two other projects are in the renewable energy sector. One for $115.5 million will go for a 100-megawatt wind power plant in the Buenos Aires province and $122.6 million will support a 100.5-megawatt wind power plant near Bajada Colorada in Neuquén province. Argentina's Foreign Ministry says the U.S. agency has committed a total of $1.1 billion for projects in Argentina.

Skype & & Clownfish 4.56 Multilingual

Free internet calls without installation.

Download Portable Skype latest Online (0.3 MB) 02/07/18

Download Portable Skype 7 Online (0.5 MB) 03/12/15

In first screen enter:

Extract and run SkypePortable.

Multi-Users: Edit SkypePortable.ini with User=NameOfNewUser (Default is Skype)

Settings of installed Skype should be preserved.

Online translator for all your outgoing messages in Skype without installation.

Download Portable Clownfish Online (0.4 MB) 21/07/15

Extract and run ClownfishPortable.

Language set by launcher according UserDefaultLang (if you don't want: write UserDefaultLang=false in ClownfishPortable.ini).

Settings of installed Clownfish should be preserved.

Don't block ads (by hosts): Edit SkypePortable.ini with AdsBlock=false (Default is true)

Don't forget to close in systray when leaving.

Glary Utilities PRO & Multilingual

Utility to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC without installation.

Download Portable GlaryUtilities 5 Online (0.7 MB) 15/10/18

Download Portable GlaryUtilities 2 Online (0.3 MB) 10/11/13

Extract and run GlaryUtilities*Portable.

If you want free version write Version=FREE in GlaryUtilities*Portable.ini

Settings of installed GlaryUtilities should be preserved.

REAPER 5.981 32-64 bit En

Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording without installation.

Download Portable Reaper Online (0.7 MB) 08/11/17

In first screen enter: 5981

Extract and run ReaperPortable.

Settings of installed Reaper should be preserved.

Vivaldi 2.6.1566.49 32-64 bit Multilingual

The browser that puts you in control without installation.

Download Portable Vivaldi snapshot Online (0.8 MB) 21/06/19

In first screen enter: 2.7.1609.4

Download Portable Vivaldi stable Online (0.8 MB) 21/06/19

In first screen enter: 2.6.1566.49 or 1.0.435.46 for XP/Vista

PPAPI Flash Plugins

Extract and run VivaldiPortable or VivaldiSnapshotPortable (stable and snapshot have their own folders and settings).

Settings of installed Vivaldi should be preserved.

Calibre 3.46 32-64 bit Multilingual

E-book management without installation.

Download Portable Calibre 32-64 bit Online (0.3 MB) 10/11/17

On first screen, skip for latest (or enter: 1.48.0 for Windows XP)

Extract and run CalibrePortable or EbookEditPortable.

Default Library in CalibrePortable, edit CalibrePortable.ini to change (must be in same drive).

Settings of installed Calibre should be preserved.