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the amount of space the israeli-palestinian conquest occupies in public discours   06/29/20  (2)
Friend was eating Crunchy Cheetos w/ chopsticks. I walked in & BITCH SLAPPED him   06/29/20  (1)
THANK YOU to the mod who is deleting every nyuug poast   06/29/20  (19)
lmao new reddit rules literally carves out exemption for hate speech vs. whites   06/29/20  (38)
Least competitive sport than can help you get into an Ivy?   06/29/20  (97)
opening lines of the Epic of Gilgamesh sung in Sumerian   06/29/20  (21)
I was pozzed on the black q before xo not flame   06/29/20  (6)
almost all the Amren videos on YouTube have been deleted?   06/29/20  (1)
Liberté, égalité, white fragilité   06/29/20  (13)
The worthless blonde chick on Naked and Afraid, season 2 is a real cunt   06/29/20  (7)
Tesla to Mom: all my years serving mankind has brought me insults & humiliation   06/29/20  (1)
BLM now cheering Tucker as a hero for killing a white man on live tv.   06/29/20  (1)
smoking weed and ending racism bro   06/29/20  (4)
The GUILLOTINES have arrived   06/29/20  (10)
Board olds, what was it like when Janet Jackson showed her nippled at SuperBowl?   06/29/20  (17)
Anyone here own a Henry lever action rifle?   06/29/20  (15)
What’s your coffee setup?   06/29/20  (6)
messi displaying early stage norwooding   06/29/20  (4)
Nick Fuentes do discuss social media purge and KState situation tonight   06/29/20  (9)
This board is PURE SHIT for modding NYUUG. No better than fucking reddit   06/29/20  (1)
Why do blacks look outwardly rather than fix their communities?   06/29/20  (15)
What's the non-racist explanation why black communities have so many problems?   06/29/20  (2)
Why You Never Realized “I Love Lucy” Is Anti-Semitic (Vox)   06/29/20  (1)
Who Is This Dumb Goy Running "Jewish Mom" Forcememe - Doesn't Get Jewish Moms   06/29/20  (15)
PSA: Trump will go to prison after he leaves office   06/29/20  (19)
hey bros, when will it happen?   06/29/20  (13)
The biggest sin this board committed was the indiscriminate modding of NYUUG   06/29/20  (3)
Donald Trump is the worst president in US history   06/29/20  (7)
oh wow great to see nyuug poasting (no xo poa ever)   06/29/20  (4)
Tucker, Charles now wanted in Indiana for destroying "Mike Braun"   06/29/20  (2)
Poor old Jared Taylor. He just hwanted to warn us.   06/29/20  (2)
Retiring from xoxo as of today   06/29/20  (22)
are we living or dying?   06/29/20  (3)
Legally trained minds, thoughts on Reddit's new "anti-hate" rules?   06/29/20  (1)
My small company is MANDATING we all read White Fragility   06/29/20  (29)
Thank you for watching Tucker Carlson Tonight. Up next is Nick Fuentes   06/29/20  (9)
So is Trump just going to flat-out do NOTHING about tech censorship?   06/29/20  (33)
Trump behind in GA. Fucking GA in 5 of last 6 polls. LOL at Trump.   06/29/20  (3)
Poor old Jared Taylor. He just wanted to warn us.   06/29/20  (9)
White People Own 98 Percent of Rural Land. Blacks Want to Reclaim Their Share   06/29/20  (51)
Latest WI, Biden +11 lol   06/29/20  (17)
How fucked is the US and when will it be unlivable?   06/29/20  (12)
Peterman McGyvering a set of anal beads out of a couple pool balls and a condom   06/29/20  (13)
Serious question for board TRUMPMOS: Are you sick of the WINNING?   06/29/20  (1)
cheese   06/29/20  (15)
All the accompaniments to Korean BBQ disgust me. Why do people do this?   06/29/20  (3)
Gay Lifestyle without the gay sex   06/29/20  (19)
St. Louis dood should have fried warning shots into the air to show he meant bus   06/29/20  (5)
RATE this feature on Nick Fuentes in his high school's paper   06/29/20  (13)
Best service to determine owner and location of a website?   06/29/20  (1)
honestly things are gonna be pretty great once we get rid of racism   06/29/20  (3)
damien literally sucking dick to get people to go to played out rose bar now   06/29/20  (1)
Changed my mind. Everyone who can should leave America   06/29/20  (51)
board wogs, explain the audacity of people like this   06/29/20  (3)
just watch the weather change   06/29/20  (2)
Remember when CONTARDS thought they were going to overturn ABORTION.   06/29/20  (6)
Chicago seems more third world than any east coast city   06/29/20  (37)
ITT Rowan goes to Rose Bar, RSF goes insane (selected poasts)   06/29/20  (75)
Winn-Dixie supermarkets announce name change to Winn, to drop Dixie   06/29/20  (5)
watch some corey wayne   06/29/20  (1)
Damien pulling off Peterman's toupee as he turns him away from Rose Bar   06/29/20  (19)
CORONAVIRUS TRACKER: up to 35 cases in US now... 11 in Nebraska!   06/29/20  (34)
TTT dude going on a date with a CCN clerkship V5 chick - advice?   06/29/20  (78)
when does Biden announce his militant black female running-mate?   06/29/20  (3)
ITT: We make a wager on the date and time NYUUG is diagnosed with Covid-19   06/29/20  (7)
Picking up a new grill for the backyard need recommendations   06/29/20  (30)
PC builders, what are the best sites to find out how to build a PC?   06/29/20  (33)
is HBS kunta kinte? because he sure gets owned a lot   06/29/20  (6)
Altio jumping up against the glass in his office like Garry Hoy!   06/29/20  (2)
Climate activist admits that climate change bullshit has all been a hoax   06/29/20  (8)
KamalaSexyChocolate, influential pamphelteer and humorist during2nd Civil War   06/29/20  (2)
The entire Korean “culture”, if you can call it that, is bootleg Japan   06/29/20  (5)
White moderates/cucks should read up on Philippe Égalite   06/29/20  (3)
your mom and dad firing AR15 rounds as mob descends on your childhood house   06/29/20  (1)
Why are MODS deleting non-identifying content today? What's up?   06/29/20  (2)
I'll escape once Stitches has to take time to reload (Rudolph)   06/29/20  (151)
I PUT THAT DICK IN YO FACE   06/29/20  (33)
"Alexa, play The Guest soundtrack again, and turn up the volume"   06/29/20  (4)
Cheapest ammo? I’ve seen 22lr for as low as 10 cents.   06/29/20  (7)
LJL Lena Dunham is finally getting cancelled   06/29/20  (14)
TS Amanda GAPING your Ideology Pocket   06/29/20  (2)
/////NEW TUCKER ADVERTISER ALERT\   06/29/20  (6)
have they destroyed themselves?   06/29/20  (1)
this is the future libs want for your kids (video)   06/29/20  (15)
the french aristocracy thought guillotines could never happen to them   06/29/20  (18)
Odd case how certain countries (China) have basically no blacks   06/29/20  (31)
Unfortunately we're not going to see a Chinese-like Cultural Revolution   06/29/20  (38)
The Death of Garry Hoy   06/29/20  (4)
Why do Jews look outwardly rather than fix their communities?   06/29/20  (1)
Wow reddit banned a ton of subreddits today   06/29/20  (3)
young Jaggers increasingly addicted to this cesspool   06/29/20  (108)
boner police has an interesting theory re: winter and ostracism   06/29/20  (2)
wtf? tucker chyron said “me&luis hanging behind supermarket, smoking poles”   06/29/20  (2)
Alright guys, we have to do something about NYUUG getting his posts modded   06/29/20  (2)
It's pretty insane to think how quick (((they))) are moving to ban speech   06/29/20  (11)
Koshien on ESPN is really good   06/29/20  (1)
when Seoul is nuked & nyuug isn’t posting I’ll wonder if his face has melted   06/29/20  (9)
evil sociopathic politicians just create crises to gain power? lmao   06/29/20  (4)
conservatives have a fetish for imagining the most pessimistic future possible   06/29/20  (92)
Really can't stand my wife. At what point do you divorce when you have a compute   06/29/20  (2)
St. Louis homeowners cuck. Release stmt saying they LOVE blacklivematters mvmt   06/29/20  (39)
Are Reptile, why did it take 70 years for ruskies to catch up to the AR15?   06/29/20  (28)
*Tucker's monologue in the background while bp 3D prints AR-15 parts*   06/29/20  (1)
For guys who think women are attracted to violent dominant men, explain this...   06/29/20  (1)
Drake Mallard: Thin-skinned, humorless ape incapable of thought or analysis   06/29/20  (4)
Tucker rising up against this loathsome cuck, IN governor Mike Braun   06/29/20  (4)
that guy tucker just interviewed seems like a legit retard   06/29/20  (1)
MFH Hyatt, Trump Int'l Not Changing Sheets (NY Poast Expose)   06/29/20  (6)
literally the only cr is to get INTO farming   06/29/20  (4)
Anyone else feel like they're doing themselves emotional harm following politics   06/29/20  (2)
Rate these Catholics in St Louis getting punched in the face while praying   06/29/20  (10)
wtf? tucker chyron said “me&luis hanging behind supermarket, smoking cloves”   06/29/20  (7)
all the white women you love will have their pussies blown out by the rioters   06/29/20  (6)
Gay baby daddy fuck kiss   06/29/20  (3)
HOW COME, CHIEF GAY BABY 1488?   06/29/20  (8)
2020 is going to make 2016 look like a spa, many will die   06/29/20  (22)
Fact: I’m more real than lawman8 could ever aspire to be.   06/29/20  (5)
open fire on the ENEMY   06/29/20  (2)
*joins Space Force*   06/29/20  (1)
"Mr. Peterman, there's no way that all just 'slipped in' there"- Doc with xray   06/29/20  (24)
Biden goes all in on BLACK TRANS LIVES   06/29/20  (3)
When is Tucker going to address that hysterical Karen Krystal Ball   06/29/20  (1)
We all goin to JAIL   06/29/20  (3)
Charles, this "Law and Order" bullshit isn't working. Tell your boss   06/29/20  (6)
Real Q: will there be mass armed conflict in America in next 10-15 years?   06/29/20  (4)
luis camping in ur lawn, knocking on ur door at 3am to ask for weed   06/29/20  (5)
it took Mike Lindell 3 years in his lab to create the first MyPillow   06/29/20  (1)
Video of antifa member shooting random people in Louisville:   06/29/20  (41)
Drudge Headline : “ICU beds in Houston filled with young”   06/29/20  (10)
Nuzzling your face into Mandy Patinkins hairy pectorals   06/29/20  (1)
Why aren’t IFNB pros ever lifting weights? They just fuck each other.   06/29/20  (1)
Posting (a poem)   06/29/20  (6)
these people have addresses that you can walk right up to, just ask seth rich   06/29/20  (2)
No smartphones, no clothes - Pounder's bans cell phone use on gym floor   06/29/20  (3)
Gosh I sure hope nobody shoots up social media tycoons tp   06/29/20  (2)
Stanford professor absolutely EVISCERATING virusbadmos on Tucker right now   06/29/20  (1)
spritzed a plywood hope chest with some cedar essential oil & sold it for $125   06/29/20  (1)
I've had the exact same haircut as Tucker Carlson since the 90s   06/29/20  (2)
Seems like that Texas icu capacity meme was more fake news dead porn   06/29/20  (1)
Trucker: "Gimme a refund" Peterman: *farts cum* Trucker: love when he does that   06/29/20  (34)
Beelzebub is willing to give me $5mm for 1% of my spirit and .1% of my soul, cr?   06/29/20  (3)
MBA interview: "excuse me what?" peterman: " 'boipussy', anyway as I was saying,   06/29/20  (28)
Come here if you are for me (Stalin)   06/29/20  (11)

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