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2020 Full Moon Schedule



The Moon

NASA Moon Page

The Moon (NASA) Moon

Britannica: Moon

Moon Orbit and Rotation

3753 Cruithne (Second Moon?) The Mysteries of Earth's 'Other' Moon

Near Earth Asteroid 3753 Cruithne

Moon Myths & Legends

Native American Stories

Ancient Myths

Selene - Greek Mythology



ISS Video Feed & Tracker

SATVIEW Satellite Tracker





Science Resources

Conics (Ellipse) Basics

Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion

Khan Academy

Virtual Nerd

MIT Open Courseware


Boston Museum of Science


Photographing The Night Sky Tips

Shoot the Moon
Capture the Stars
Star Trails
Photography Basics




Nerd Stuff

PALEOMAP ProjectDigiKey
Science ChannelRadioShack
Astronomy.comNewark Electronics
Physics FormulasMcMaster
Java DocumentationGrainger


Other Side Of The World
Phys.orgTech Stuff



Telescopes & Observatories
Public Observatories List
SETI Institute


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