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We are a collaborative of creatives who share the stories & techniques behind renowned artists and their artwork.

Video production is the heart of our company, bringing high-quality content into the comfort of your home and studio. East Oaks Studio collaborates with a gifted cinematographer to offer content that benefits both the collector + the artist



An Approach to Sketching: Portraiture with Brock Larson

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?Drawing is the honesty of art.?

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres



“Jeffrey T. Larson”

Introducing East Oaks Studio’s latest initiative

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Atelier Live

We  are passionate about sharing information with students and professionals all over the world. The classic atelier offers a systematic approach to learning - Atelier Live is reinventing what this experience is.

In the classic approach, artists travel internationally to study under a master. Atelier Live creates a similar experience by recording and sharing educational footage in real-time. Join us live or rewatch later from the comfort of your own studio.

We record all of our courses, making Atelier Live products accessible to you indefinitely once purchased.

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Learn with

Tutorial Videos

East Oaks studio was conceived by a group of professional artists with intimate connections to several of the world's most gifted realist artists. We seek to produce a series of high quality, insightful, and enjoyable tutorial videos in both DVD and Digital (online) formats.

Our Tutorial Videos mirror the more traditionally known Instructional DVD. Our goal is to remain innovative in this arena as well. We understand that curating art is an important part of education; we are committed to providing an exclusive collection of tutorial videos by renowned artists.

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Jeffrey T. Larson

Filmed at The Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art in Duluth Minnesota. Jeffrey T. Larson paints his infamous fish and metal pail from start to finish.

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Teresa Oaxaca

Teresa Oaxaca takes you through her technique of drawing a portrait with charcoal. Filmed on location in Teresa’s studio in Alexandria just outside of Washington D.C.

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carlo russo

Join Carlo Russo as he shows you how to use the “sight size” method when painting a still life. Filmed in his studio in Philadelphia PA.

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North Carolina + Worldwide

East Oaks Studio is located in the heart of Raleigh.  But, the courses and videos we offer are available + designed to be enjoyed all over the world.

?Spreading hope through beauty?
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