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Dangerous 5G Mast Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories posted on Facebook and other social media are blaming 5G masts for the spread of Coronavirus, even going as far to blame the rollout of 5th Generation wireless data technology as causing the symptoms of the virus and killing people. Several 5G masts (in Birmingham, Liverpool and Melling) have already been set alight, with further incidents at undisclosed locations.This...[Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Apr 5, 2020

"Right to Repair" law planned

The European Commission has proposed introducing new laws which will improve the "right to repair" of electronics devices. So many laptops, mobile phones and other devices are difficult to repair and are simply thrown away when a single module or component breaks. The premise of the new laws would be to tackle the disposable and "premature obsolescence" culture of electronics goods, and...[Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Mar 11, 2020

Met Office confirm ?1.2 billion weather forcasting supercomputer

The UK Met Office is set to upgrade their current forecasting supercomputer to one that is 6x more powerful (with a further 3x upgrade after 5 years). The total cost for the new system is ?1.2 billion, which includes operating costs over the 10 year lifespan. The upgrade in performance will allow weather forecasting resolution down to 100m?, a huge improvement on the 1500m? grid (outside...[Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Feb 19, 2020

Wi-Fi 6E is announced as the latest wireless connectivity standard

The Wi-Fi Alliance is introducing a new Wi-Fi 6E standard, which designates devices as cable of using the 6Ghz band as well as features of the similarly named Wi-Fi 6 standard (namely higher performance and lower latency). Existing 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz channels are becoming saturated with the rapid increase in connected devices, so any additional space on the spectrum is to be welcomed. This will...[Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Jan 9, 2020

Half Life: Alyx Announced

The Half Life series has been one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time, however the story ended abruptly nearly 12 years ago with Half Life 2: Episide 2. Fans have been clamouring for Half Life 3 for years, with an endless supply of memes, false starts and April fools jokes about the game.However, there is finally some good news... Valve have announced Half Life: Alyx, one of...[Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Nov 19, 2019

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Alpha Signup

Microsoft have been working on Flight Simulator 2020 for quite some time, having previewed the game at E3 a little earlier this year. This upcoming release has been long awaited by flight sim fans, as the previous edition of the game is coming up to 8 years old and is starting to look a little long in the tooth.Huge generational changes have been made in Flight Simulator 2020, including...[Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Oct 15, 2019

Intel "Element" brings a fully module PC

Intel have showcased a new product, codenamed "Element", which combines PCIe cards to form a fully modular PC. This means a computer in the future could consist of a simple backplane with lots of PCIe slots, in to which different processing modules could be plugged in. For example, you may need an Intel Element CPU module (also containing memory modules) and then a selection of GPU, RAID and...[Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Oct 8, 2019

UK Smart Meter rollout delayed by 4 more years

It will come as no surprise to industry observers that the smart meter rollout failed to hit it's initial target to roll out smart meters across the UK by 2020. Energy companies had warned that the technology was not yet sufficiently ready and that it was a complex logistical problem. As of the Sept 2019, 16.6 million smart meters have been installed. A long way short of the 51.6 million...[Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Sep 17, 2019

419m phone numbers leaked in Facebook data breach

Over 419 million records containing phone numbers and Facebook ID have been leaked online. Some records also contain names, gender and location information. Over 18 million records relate to UK users and over 133 million records for US users - a significant portion of the respective populations.It looks like this data was scraped at a time when Facebook would allow searching by phone number...[Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Sep 5, 2019

Biometric Data leak reveals over 27m records

Over 27 million data records such as facial recognition profiles, fingerprints, usernames and unencrypted passwords have been found openly available on Suprema Inc's Biostar 2 biometric access control system servers. This security firm powers access control for over 1.5m installations, including governments, police and banks.Two Israeli researchers working for a VPN company found unsecured...[Read the rest here]

By Ian Cunningham, published on Aug 20, 2019

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