At Lopiano-Reilly Law Offices, we focus our Pennsylvania practice of law in Northampton County, Monroe County and Lehigh County. We take pride in our knowledge of local courts; negotiation experience and trial skills; clear communication with clients; and effectiveness in managing and litigating your case.

When going through any legal process, you will hear a lot of terminology with which you are likely not familiar. ?When you are involved in litigation; when you are faced with serious business issues; when you’ve had a death in the family; or when you are dealing with emotionally charged issues such as divorce, support or custody, we understand that you will be under severe stress. ?It is our goal to help you through those problems with compassion and practical advice.

We always attempt to negotiate and settle whenever settlement is in our client’s best interests. ?If settlement is not practical, we?are?always ready to fight for you.

At Lopiano-Reilly Law Offices, we will educate you and answer your questions. ? You will know exactly what to expect. ?You will have an opportunity to weigh all of your options and make informed decisions.

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