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Shop from top?USA or UK websites and use our FREE Virtual Address as your Delivery address in USA or UK. Shop from any store for Clothes, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Cosmetics and get latest Branded Fashion and necessities to your Doorstep. We ship to over 30 countries worldwide.

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Concierge Shopping

Concierge is a service which can be used to purchase from websites which only honor USA credit cards. Customers can also order luxury brands and products from the High Streets of New York such as Madison Ave, 5th Ave. and stores such as SAKs, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus etc..

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Style counseling

Need help in organizing your wedding trousseau or not sure what to get for your holiday or a special event in your life. If you need professional help to upgrade or style your wardrobe, our Personal Shoppers and Image consultants will help you to enhance your style quotient.

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If you are an E-commerce seller &?want to Import products regularly from USA, UK or?China in bulk, you can enjoy our?services with higher shipping discounts and a dedicated account manager. We also provide Exporter on Record (EOR)?service if required.?

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